Contents of Yen


Chapter 1 Koala Kapers

Chapter 2 Japanese Koalas

Chapter 3 Lone Pine

Chapter 4 Shacks to Skyscrapers

Chapter 5 Winds of Change

Chapter 6 The Rising Sun

Chapter 7 Match to the Powder Keg

Chapter 8 Leading the Blind

Chapter 9 Prelude to Public Meeting

Chapter 10 Apathy ...a Nations Achilles' Heel

Chapter 11 The Gathering Storm

Chapter 12 Terms of Endearment

Chapter  13 Picture Gallery

Chapter 14 The Front Row

Chapter 15 A Shade of Yellow

Chapter 16 Tactical Error

Chapter 17 The Meeting

Chapter 18 Enter ...the Texan

Chapter 19 The Morning After the Night Before

Chapter 20 The 'Prophet' Goes to the Mountain

Chapter 21 Where Angels Fear to Tread

Chapter 22 Feeding the Piranhas

Chapter 23 More Meetings

Chapter 24 Politics

Chapter 25 Ron Casey Throws a Glass

Chapter 26 The Lion's Den

Chapter 27 Scuttled ...why?

Chapter 28 Daikyo

Chapter 29 Cooke Inquiry and Daikyo

Chapter 30 The Club

Chapter 31 The ABC of Politics

Chapter 32 Brockson's Tally Valley

Chapter 33 Daydream Island

Chapter 34 The Media

Chapter 35 MFP

Chapter 36 In Calmer Waters

Chapter 37 The Big Question

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