You Be the Judge


by N J Barrington


Disclaimer :


Information contained in this book was obtained through research of law books, websites, media reports, medical records, lawyers’ correspondence etc., but mostly from the Transcript of the trial. The purpose in quoting legal argument and cross examination of witnesses is to allow readers to enter the minds of the participants in the case, in order to enable them to reach a conclusion as to whether justice prevailed, or whether another Order should have been made. Whilst the writer has formulated his own opinion, the intent was not to express that opinion, but rather to allow readers to be the judge of the events that unfolded throughout the trial.


The questions raised are not an indictment on the role of any of the parties involved, but rather statements of fact to be considered by those seeking to understand how the legal fraternity re-acts to different circumstances. Much of the information contained in the book is on the public record for all to see, and can be obtained by researching Case No. 7493 of 2002

Ref. Smyth v Whiteside in the Supreme Court of Queensland.