Contents of Book.

Note; for reference sake a number is  placed alongside each chapter. This indicates the page in the hard copy. The pages numbers are not replicated here.



Part One

The Whiteside Story


Chapter 1          Who was Tom Jowett?      (5)


Chapter 2          Bruce Whiteside, the crusader.     (7)


Chapter 3          Is the law an ass?     (10)



Part Two

The Wills


Chapter 4          How many Wills can one make?   (12)


Chapter 5          Questions as to validity.    (14)



Part Three

The Confrontation


Chapter 6          Whiteside v the lawyer.    (17)


Chapter 7         The lawyer v Whiteside.    (20)


Chapter 8          The Power of Attorney.    (23)



Part Four

The Supreme Court Hearing


Chapter 9          Probate and the onus of proof.    (25)


Chapter 10          A costly exercise.    (27)


Chapter 11         Lead in to the trial.   (30)



Part Five

Proceedings in the Courtroom.


Chapter 12         Case for the Plaintiff.    (32)    


Chapter 13         Case for the Defendant.    (43)


Chapter 14        Case law.    (45)


Chapter 15        The Judge's Summary.    (48)


Part Six

The aftermath.


Chapter 16         Was justice done?.   (58)


Chapter 17         Conflicting evidence.    (61)


Chapter 18         A sad and sorry ending!    (63)