Whither World of Man

At the portals of the future's

Imponderable span

Blasted hopes behind you

Whither, world of man?

Smoke of bitter tumult

Clouds your vision still

The grim, grey ghost of fear

Rides rampantly at will

Your mind a raging torrent

Of strange conflicting plans

Blue-prints of a new world order

Drawn with trembling hands.


At the portals of the future's

Veil of Destiny

World of man, take heart

Faith waits to set you free

From the Misunderstandings

Soul-destroying blight;

Free to walk with dignity

In ever lasting light;

Free to build an edifice

On Ideals born in strife;

Free to grasp the meaning

Of the rich flood-tide of life.


At the portals of the future's

Uncharted wilderness,

Undreamed of opportunities await

Mankind to bless!

March onward, world of man!

With faith your guiding star;

Let courage be your strong right arm

And naught shall bar

Your pathway to that long sought goal

Where misunderstanding cease

And all Horizons meet and blend

In Universal Peace!


Whakatane   1947


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