Whither Bound Humanity


Whither bound, Humanity?

Aeons old, the cry rings out

Yet ever new as Earths great numbers

Confused in thought, with minds in doubt

Seek with clouded vision

To glimpse the path ahead;

To penetrate beyond the veil

Of Earth's fantastic pantomime

And buffeted by fear, to dread

The fickleness of each to each;

To doubt, instead of trust

And hear as doubts rebound

The Ageless Voice with quickening tempo

Shout the challenge unto all

"Whither bound, Humanity, ...Whither Bound?"

"Whither bound, Humanity?

Where lies the answer to the cry?

Where is the goal that all men seek

And failing, question "Why?"

Where in the realms of human hope

Of thinking men, with purpose true;

Where in this restless changing age

Be found the answer to imbue

Two thousand million souls with hope.

Where lies the golden key

To Life's greatest mystery

"Whither bound, Humanity?"

"Whither bound?"

"Whither bound, Humanity?"

The question shall remain

Till Man has learned the lesson

In bitterness and pain;

Till Selfishness and Greed

Hate and bloody Strife

Are cast aside forever

And this thing that men call Life

Is lifted to a higher plane

Beyond the dreams of men today

But not beyond the hopes of those

Who proclaim the Only Way.

Whither bound, Humanity?"

Fantastic terror from the skies

May drive the nations underground

A grim atomic hell arise

Truth 'midst maelstrom,

Of human thought

Confused by propagandists lies

Fights a long relentless battle,

Against tremendous odds,

As Isms and Ideologies arise; And a devastating hail,

Of ranting words and slogans.

Beats upon bewildered masses,

The whole world round,

And a mocking echo answers,

Whither bound, Humanity? ...Whither Bound?"

"Whither bound, Humanity?"

"Whither bound?"

Past and future challenge

"Whither bound?"

Youth looks to Age and questions

Age disillusioned, shakes its head

Time marches on ...

And onward rolls the human flood

Towards its meeting with the Sea

To Universal Understanding

The Golden Hope

The Ending of the Mystery

To the reaching of that Era

When men's hearts are purges of dross

And Gold is found;

When no man asks the question,

"Whither bound, Humanity?"

"Whither bound?"

Whakatane May 5th 1948, 1955

This stanza was re-written:

"Whither bound, Humanity?"

Terror from the skies

May drive Earth's people underground

Isms and ideologies hold sway

Upon the blood-drenched mound

Truth struggling 'midst a maelstrom

Of Confusion and Destruction

Fights on unending, to prevail

Against the mighty phalanx

Of ranting words and slogans

That beat like devastating hail

Upon bewildered masses

The whole wide world round

And a mocking echo answers

"Whither bound, Humanity?"

"Whither bound?"


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