This Commonwealth

Four square to all the winds that blow

This Commonwealth shall stand

One solid front in Freedom's line

From London to Pacific's strand;

From Wellington to Sydney

Capetown to India

From Canberra to Ottawa

One solid phalanx, front and rear.


Four square a brotherhood of nations

United for the good of all

Defenders of democracy

The code to which we stand or fall

To none we yield one single yard

To all we offer Friendship's hand

We seek not to impose our will

But on our rights we firmly stand.


We who fought at Dunkirk

And lived to fight again;

We stood for one long year

Alone ...but not in vain

We whose gallant squadrons

Held out by day and night

While cities flamed like torches

And lit the bombers way.


We who from the utmost parts

Of one united whole

Rallied, went forth and played our part.

One Cause, One Flag, One Soul,

With freedom for all, our goal

This is our glorious structure

Unparalleled since Time began

This our course of Destiny

In the history of man

Free and unfettered by signed word

Partners all and subject to none

Sovereign states , each one for all

And all for one.


Four square to all the doctrines

Devised to weaken, disintegrate

`Four Freedom's' on our banner

Democracy our shield, ...our fate

This is our Commonwealth of Nations

A federation of the free

Four square to all the winds that blow

Four square ...for Liberty.

Whakatane March 24th 1949


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