That We Survive


Crashing shell and flaming hell

Hideous drone of bomber's flight

Death's icy hand on land and sea,

Cities ...torches of the night.

Civilisation locked in battle,

Bleeding from a million wounds;

Man, bewildered, grimly wond'ring

As he plunges thru the gloom,

`When will chaos turn to order?'

Can carnage once again give room?

To life, abundant, free, untrammelled,

And Hope be chiselled on the tomb

As blasted dreams of Brotherhood;

That men through Calvary should see

The folly of Inhumanity,

And purge in War's Inferno, rise

To greater heights than 'ere aspired

Seeking ever the common good

Building a lasting Brotherhood.


Comes at last, the ceasing

Of bitter, bloody strife;

Humanity grasps wearily

To clutch the threads of Life

That scattered lie;

And in awful stillness

That whispers, "I am Peace,"

Seeks with trembling fingers

To weave a pattern new

From the shredded tattered remnants

And blend them with the thoughts that grew,

When All seemed lost,

Save Hope's vitalising spark

That beckoned as it glimmered,

In the Dark.


From Travail ...thru the stillness

Man survive,

Must seek the common good.

On the Banner of the Future

Blazoned be one simple word

Humanity's survival and salvation,



Whakatane. Dec. 6th. 1946

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