The Stars Look Down

The stars look down
Upon this earthly sphere
Where Peace uncertain of her way
Treads warily, the path of fear
Shadows of blighted yesterdays
Cloud men's minds, when they would see
The price they paid for freedom
Bring order out of chaos ...and security!

The stars look down
Upon war's blasted spaces
Where famine's grinning horseman rides
Rough-shod o'er the struggling races;
Where crops fail in polluted Earth
And millions cry for bread
Where death's relentless allies
Stalk Europe's living dead!

The stars look down
On land where golden grain
Has never bent beneath the lash
Of war's swift leaden rain
On peaceful ports of call
Where, by jest of fate
Food-ships lie at anchor
And idle men negotiate
Whilst in some far-off land
Hope dies ...a ship is late!
Cold and hunger take grim toll
Of those who cannot wait.

The stars look down
On this disturbed domain
As weary and confused
Man strives to build again
Seeking in the limits
Of his heart and groping mind
A solution of his problems
A newer way to find
Statesmen meet in solemn conclave
Then part with little done
As men and nations struggle
For a bigger place in the sun.

From the glory of the heavens
Twinkling in night's jewelled crown
Upon this vale of travail
The stars look down
In orderly array they move
On Time's unhurried way
To keep a tryst predestined
With break of day;
And as they serve their calling
They call to you and I
Look upward towards the light
Of God's eternal sky;
Find in the radiant glory
Truth, Hope and Inspiration
For those like us who light your way
Alone, are His Creation!'

The stars look down
Upon our wandering way;
They lead us if we follow
To break of Day!

Whakatane March 19th 1947

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