Seekers of the Way

Two travellers stood on the threshold
Of Life's panoramic scene,
A world spread out before them
A place of pastures green;
Of mighty snow-capped mountains
And fields of golden grain;
A canopy of azure blue
A vast and restless main;
God's gracious gift in colour harmony
Blessed by golden sunshine and life-giving rain.

To the travellers came the Questioner
Who asks of all they say
"Whither bound O strangers
What seek ye here this day?"

Said one: " I seek the path of power and fame
That leads up to the clouds
Where wealth and dignity look down
Upon the faces in the crowds
Of struggling unambitious men
Whose lives are but a daily grind
That takes them to forgotten graves
Wearied, worn and sick in mind.'

The Questioner looked upon him
And to these words gave voice
"Seeker of Ambitions way
Yours is the choice
Your path leads up the mountain
By a narrow winding trail
Steep and fraught with danger
And oblivion if you fail
Should you reach the summit
With its biting storms and scorching sun
Your days will be an endless fight
To hold what you have won."

"I'll take the chance
And pay the price
The seeker after fame, replied;
And with eager footsteps
He swiftly strode
Toward the mountainside.

'And what seek ye?"
Asked the Questioner
Turning to the other man
"Mine is the task to help you
If I can.'

A smile upon his face
The other made reply
"There is a road I have been told
That leads to God on high."
Many seek and find it.
So why not I?'

"I seek the devious way of Life
Wherever it may lead
I want to walk with other men
Be a friend of those in need;
All I ask is a friendly road
Friendly folk for company
Where the rule of the road
Is the Golden Rule
And men walk in humility."

"You're path will lead you everywhere."
Came the answer clear and plain
'It will bring you joy and sorrow
Sunshine and drenching rain;
It will weary, tire and daunt you
But the end will be worthwhile
If you measure your stride
By the Golden Rule
And live it mile by mile!'

Two travellers met at Journey's end
As twilight softly fell
A lifetime lay behind them
There was much each had to tell
They were leaving all in the shadows
Fame and fortune ...fruitful days,
At the Gateway of Eternity
They stacked their garnering of the Ways.

Whakatane Oct 16th 1946

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