Remembrance Day

Hallowed day of sacred mem'ries
A thankful nation bows its head
In the silence and the shadows
Honour we, the faithful dead
On the world-wide fields of battle
In the stillness where they rest
God of battle crown their labours
In giving all, they gave their best.

Not as the rose, it's blooming past
Nor as the star whose light grows weak
Nor yet as snow that slowly melts
On the sunlit side of mountain peak;
Not in the matter of their going,
The richness of Life's normal span
The flower of manhood swiftly pays
For man's inhumanity to man!

Shepherd of the souls of men
Ever guard them as they sleep
Grant that we in thankfulness
There hallowed mem'ries keep;
May the golden flame of duty
That lit their way of sacrifice,
Ever guide our faltering steps
Thru Life's vale to Paradise

Whakatane 1947


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