Passing On

One by one, the bugle calls them
One by one, they pass away;
One by one, a link is taken
From the chain of yesterday
Blood-brothers of the battle line
Comrades of the death-filled din
Pals of the ticking seconds
Of zero hours when men went in
To give of life, of limb, of health
For country, family, friends;
Comrades of the years that followed
Of the road that never bends.

One by one, ...a name is spoken
One by one, ...the ranks grow less
All to often `Taps' is sounded
In honour ...yet with tenderness
One by one, the Great Commander
Greets them on that other shore
When the trumpets sound `Reveille',
And reunion means ...forevermore.

Farewell old friends of yester-year
To your mem'ry we'll be ever true
Down the years the line is marching
To join you in the `Grand Review!'

Whakatane Jan 1948

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