The Only Peace

Wars crash like stormy seas
Upon the shore,
Pounding, grinding, all consuming
'Midst terrorising roar'
The angry waves subside
Quiet follows fray,
But not stillness comes
With close of day
There's a murmuring that lingers
In the aftermath of war
A symphony of hopes and fears.
Of suffering ...and wreckage on the shore.

Peace comes to men and nations
As Jubilation ...and Despair
Dictation, compensation
Occupation, and a grudge to bear
Victory by conquering might,
Is bitter gall to those who lose;
Before the smoke of battle clears,
Is laid the pregnant fuse
That Time and Opportunity's red flame
Will light to glorify a beaten foe's lost name.

In the councils of the Victors
Peace is hammered out 'midst fears,
Clause by clause and phrase by phrase
All treaties made to guard the years;
Men place their names on dotted lines
Pledge peoples by a signature
Sealed, high-sounding documents
Proclaim a world secure.

Hammer out your terms and treaties
Make your steel-bound pacts,
Delete, amend, retain, revise,
Build them on accepted facts;
Do the best that human thought
Can plan for man's security,
Build your castles in the air,
Ye gamblers in futurity!
Your well meant hopes and plans are based,
On Man's instability,
Treaties, covenants must fail
Unless God be a signatory,
And all the peoples of the Earth
Be one in heart and mind
One God, One pact, One world
For all Mankind!


Whakatane. Oct 1947

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