One World

Along Creation's timeless way, we move,
One World!
Travellers on an Earthly sphere
One World!
A vast unnumbered multitude that spreads
Like ants upon a fruitful mound
In ceaseless striving for the things we crave,
When all around
There's plenty and to spare
If we would only share
The products of our labour
With all who constitute
One World!

From Age to Age the human stream flows on,
One World!
Civilisations rise, reach zenith, pass away,
One World!
Beyond the long horizons,
War's wasted legions of the dead
March side by side with grim gaunt spectres,
That re-echo in the vist'd distance
Bread! ...bread! ...bread!
Hatred's soul-destroying dagger, strikes deeply still,
Greed's grasping hands still cling to human throats.
Fear still builds her battlemented barriers
Gold dominates the minds of men and Famine gloats!

Faced by the ripening harvest of his failures
Awed by the terror of his materialistic skill
Man feverishly plans, seeks to create will,
A newer better world ...One World!

On pacts and charters, concessions, compromise.
He hopes to build ...One World!
But on these shining' shifting sands,
He will never found ...One World!
Rose-tinted glasses of illusion
That glamourise the human panorama,
Create false views, that naked Truth
Speedily dispels; and the poignant drama
Of Humanity's stupendous fight
To truly live 'neath God's warm sun
Rings down another curtain
On tragic hopes ...and little done!

A Light shone forth from a stable's Crib,
To bless ...One World!
A Rugged Cross arose to point the Way
Of ...One World!
Noble souls have given of their all
To help ...One World!
A vital power dwells in the soul of men,
To make ...One World!
Yet till men see the limits of their mortal powers
And turn to the greatest Architect of all,
The structures of their finest hopes,
However grand ...rise but to fall!

Time inexorable, holds high the flaming scroll,
That modern man shall see
The unaccomplished mission
Of his higher destiny!
The collective sum of Man's intensive struggle,
The accumulated wealth of his vast mind
Has built an eager towering giant,
That has outstripped and left behind,
The spiritual being; the God-like entity
That motivates the human soul
And seeks at the fountainhead of knowledge,
The golden meaning of the Scroll!
For He who in His wisdom, created all,
Is the Cornerstone upon which Man must build;
This One World; this fear inspired hope of Men,
Can only come when human hearts are filled,
With the holy love that springs
From Life's Eternal fountainhead,
The Hope of men ...the King of Kings.

April 6th 1947 Whakatane

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