Now Is the Time

The clouds of war drift slowly
From conflicts blood-red stage
Whilst around the council table
The victors re-engage;
They who in united strength
Gained victory o'er the foe
Divide their ranks by bargaining
In triumphs afterglow.

Where is now the spirit of defensive Brotherhood?
Where now the grim desire
To banish war for good?
Already there are rumours
Spreading from land to land
Warmongers raise their voices
The fires are being fanned!

Wrangling at the Treaty table
Power groups ...and compromise
Will never bring a new world order
Whatever be its guise.
Leaders, politicians, statesmen
Try as they will, must fail ...
Treaties, gilded scraps of paper
Are signed, to no avail.

In the hearts of wondering Mothers
Grows the ever mounting fear
Of bearing sons for sacrifice
In some future year;
Mothers of countless generations
Have paid wars bitter price
Watched their sons spent lavishly
With gamblers dice!

This vicious, loathsome farce must end
This savage waste of human life
This pattern of blasted hopes and dreams
This senseless costly strife.
How long much rich young life
Feed the dripping jaws of Mars
Rivers of blood for ages flowing
Bar man's pathway to the stars.

Only the so-called common people
Reaching out from shore to shore
Offering the hand of friendship
Can avert the curse of war!
Strength of bond and strength of purpose
Blending in one-world voice,
This alone can save the future
It must be the peoples choice.

To the memory of the fallen
Of two great world wars
Let us build a tower of friendship
In a worthwhile cause
Let us now our voices raise
Send a universal call
To the leaders and the people
Of every nation , great and small.

`Now is the hour, now is the time!'
Wait not till the war-drums roll,
Make a covenant of the peoples
That never more shall war's grim toll
Sap the life blood of the nations
Humanity's destiny control
Peoples of the Earth, stand firm!
Make known our sovereign will
That peace on earth may come,
As it can ...and will,
By a clearer understanding,
Of that message of goodwill
Borne on the wings of time
Since that epoch making birth,
The message indestructible
The salvation of the earth!

Whakatane Jan 1947

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