The Might Have Beens


"Where have the dreams of yester-year?
Where are the hopes we knew?
Where are the happy might-have-beens?
The things that ne'er came true
Where have they gone and why did they fade?
Those hopes that seemed so dear;
Or was it that we
Who dreamed in the night
Slept on when the dawn drew near."

"Where are the thoughts of yester-year?
Where are the joys we knew?
Where is the faith, that gave us hope?
And the pleasure of Service too?
Where have they gone
And why did they go
Those precious things of yester-year

Could it have been
That we failed to grasp
The Prize, because of fear
Only in reflective mood
When memories hold sway
Do we glance back at milestones
And the cross-roads on our way;
At the paths we might have travelled
Through fields that seemed so green
Remembering the dreams and hopes
Of Yesterday's might-have-been

Would we exchange the Present
And the things of the In-between
For the vague unanswerable riddle
O the might-have-been
Only each in his secret heart
With no yard-stick save his own
Can measure up the hopes and dreams
That he alone has known;
Can view in true perspective
The panoramic scene
The sunshine in the hill-tops
The valleys in between.

The intangible awareness
Of the distant Might-have-beens.
Whatever be the answer
To this riddle without end
Every moment breathes a challenge
And only fools pretend
Whatever the might-have-been lies ahead
Tomorrow's promise is a call
Today with all its hopes and dreams
Is the heritage of all.


August 4th 1955 Whakatane

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