The Message of V E Day


Blare forth, Ye Victory trumpets!

Ring out Ye bells of joy!

War's drums no longer roll

The sound of battle cease

Mars, sheathing sword departs unsung

From the searching gaze of Peace.

Rejoice! Ye people of the Earth!

Salute the warriors brave!

Who saved this earth from bondage

In the air, on the land and ocean wave.


Ring loud and long, ye joyful bells!

Let happy music fill the shies!

Be glad ye liberated sons of Men,

A new world shall arise!


Give thanks to the Great Deliverer

Who led you all the weary way

Through trial and tribulation

To this glad and glorious day;

For this victory that is yours today

This living gold, purged of dross

This new won lease of Life renewed

Is the triumphant of the Cross.

This symbol that transcends all else

The faith that raised ye from the depths

Asks that only in Thankfulness

Ye follow His steps.


On world-wide fields of battle,

In lonely waters deep

Countless numbers of your sons

Sleep ...the last long sleep

They are not dead, the Valiant Ones

They rest from labours nobly done

Peace softly crowns their Sacrifice

Your heritage ...their victory won.

This clarion call they leave to all

To Ye and sons of men unborn,

`Rise from the ashes today

Tomorrow is a Golden Morn!'


Whakatane 1946

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