Left Hooks and Right Crosses

They're in the ring
The bell has gone
Fists are flying
The fight is on!

`Saucy Sid', the challenger
Is fighting fit they say
On Parliamentary `workouts'
He's been daily trained to stay.

`Prosperity Pete', the holder
With three K O's to his score
Is confidant that he can win
With a `left' hook to the jaw.

`Left' hooks and `right' crosses
Are landing thick and fast
Both are taking heavy blows
But who will stop the last?
An eager crowd is watching
The tactics of the pair
Asking only that the fight
Is cleanly fought and fair.
Each has able seconds
And cheer squads galore,
But who will need an acid drop,
When they lift him from the floor?

Who will win the title?
Which one will go down?
Will a `left' hook or a `right'' cross
Collect the political crown?

What do you think?
Why start an argument?
We may get `left'!
But after all we've got to have
Some sort of government!.

Whakatane 1949

General Election
NZ Elections 1949
Protagonists: Rt Hon. Peter Fraser, title-holder
Rt. Hon. Sidney Holland, challenger.
Result: Holland by a KO

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