Judgment has spoken
With calm relentless voice,

The author's son acknowledges the graphics above of Hitler's Henchmen, from the Gate to Hell.

Hitler's henchmen stand condemned
For their acts and their choice
Crime against humanity!
Sabotage of Peace!
Violated codes of War
Of those they took grim lease.

Gone are the arrogant gestures
The cynical smile, the haughty mien,
Defences shattered on the Rock of Truth,
Reveal the criminal nineteen
Deserted by the `leader'
Who took the cowards way
They lived to face humanity's
Stern accounting day!

The hand of justice falls
The price is paid!
Oblivion claims the guilty
Imposed atonement made
History's blood-stained curtain falls
But a world will long remember
The holocaust their hate released
That fateful '39 September.

White crosses in their millions stand,
Grim accuses of the Nazi shame
Broken, blasted souls live on
To curse a hated name.
Time will roll from age to age
Nations rise and fall
But the shame of Nazi Germany
Will outlast all.

Whakatane 1945

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