If on this destined journey,
Along life's varied way
We would reap the glorious fullness
Of each passing day
And attain true human stature
Graced by wisdom ...golden prize
We must seek and try to see
The other fellows outlook, and arise
Above the narrow-minded self-assurance
That sets false standards, and anon
Stunts our vision, so that we
Bent upon our own pursuits
Fail to reap the waiting harvest
Of comradeship's rich fruits

If sometimes on this journey
Of golden days ...and grey
We would pause a moment
And glancing back, survey
The miles that lie behind us
And the milestones that reveal
Our selfish mode of progress
I know that we would feel
The scourging lash of conscience
See the naked truth made plain
The duty that we owe to those
Who move along beside us and fain
Would share our journey
If by a word of friendly smile
We did our best to brighten
Another's trudging mile!

For upon this daily journey
Of many ups and downs
Arrogance and snobbery
Strut and pose like clowns;
Puffed-up pride and vain conceit
Clothe many a human heart
That shedding its artificial cloak
In the scheme of things would find a part;

And its very presence
Inspire and light the way
Of those who work in darkness
For whom can say
How many weary souls plod on
With never a friend beside
Tho life's pathway may be crowded
From dawn till eventide?

So if we can make this journey
By being a bit more friendly
And sharing another's load
By being a bit more human
As we were meant to be
Life would grow more richer
And our eyes would ever see
From the hilltops of the morning
A prospect without end
A winding roads through pleasant fields,
And every man ... a friend!

Whakatane Feb 19th 1947

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