I Am Fear

I stand besides the statesmen
As in gilded council hall
They plan a new world order
For the nations big and small;
I watch their grim set faces
Read the hopes within each heart
Hear the lofty aims propounded
As each one speaks his part
I see the documents they sign
For I am always near
I am the background to their thoughts
The voice that whispers in each ear
I am the shadow of History
I am fear!

I shape the destinies of Nations
I breed Hate and Bitterness
I spread the rumour and it grows
Helped by radio and press
I speed the wheels of Industry
In the race of armament
I sow the blood red seeds of War
Of greed and discontent
I march in the ranks of all men
From the vanguard to the rear.
A shadowy wrecker of unity,
I am fear!

I am the invisible horseman
Riding the highways of Time,
Blighting the lives of millions
In every age and clime;
For mine is a great and awful power
And many my victories be;
But I have often known defeat!
Courageous hearts spell Victory!
God planted in the souls of Man
A tiny vital spark
Which flaming to its fullness
Lights his pathway in the Dark!

Only the shining light of Faith
Can strip me of my power;

I have fought it down the ages,
I will fight it to the hour,
When men of goodwill everywhere
Crossing the deadline of doubt
Bearing the Banner of Brotherhood
Put my legions to the rout!

Manís faith in man and faith alone,
Can break my fatal power
For I am fear, and all I fear
Is Faiths Triumphant Hour!

William Richard Whiteside, Nov. 4th 1946,Whakatane,

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