“A million men of kindred race
Stand there in France—stand face to face,
Stand there beneath the shudd'ring skies
With hatred flaming in their eyes.
The flags of conquest fly unfurled,
And legions are on legions hurled;
They strive for all the wide world's marts
With murder raging in their hearts.
And as each blacker battle-day
Unto each blackest day succeeds,
Young lives like vapour melt away.
But ‘tis the mother's heart that bleeds.
One day the battle's rage shall end,
One day the living men return,
But hearts shall break and never mend—
The hearts of mothers left to mourn.”

Harry Holland (poet)



Henry Edmund Harry Holland 10 June 1868 - 8 October 1933 was a New Zealand politician and unionist He was the first leader of the New Zealand Labour Party ...

Harry Holland

'Gone but not forgotten',
How oft' we use the phrase
And yet how soon forgotten
Are those who leave our ways!
For in the hurly-burly
Of this that men call Life
We've so much to concern us
'Midst the struggle and the strife;
Yet let us pause a moment
A tribute small to pay
To one who served us faithfully
And then passed on his way.

Men called him Harry Holland
Some called him hard names too
But in the cause of Labour
He was honest staunch and true
The End and not the moment
Was the goal he always sought
He never did an unfair thing
Was never to be bought!
...and in paying tribute
To the native race he loved
He threw away a life well lived
And passed Beyond
A noble, courteous gentleman
His word, always his bond.

He loved the lofty hills
And loved the restless sea
And a grateful country laid him
Where he longed to be;
And today he's resting
From labour done
In death his greatest victory
Was permanently won.

October 23, 1933 Invercargill

Fate unkind, inexorable
Did not grant this gallant soul
The fulfilment of his labours
The attainment of the goal
But the spirit and the vision
Living on to lead the way
Brought Victory to the struggle
On that memorable day
When the gathered strength of Labour
Surging like a giant wave
Swept the polls in '35
Its mighty mandate gave.

He rests in hallowed memory
His monument a dream come true
The edifice he vision-ed
Towers to heavens blue!

Revised in Whakatane Nov 15th 1946.

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