Fantasy of Gold

One night in reverie I saw                                    
A Fantasy of Gold
In strange disordered cavalcade
Its tale unfold
Enthralled I watched each changing scene
Appear and pass away
Like a Desert image
On a Summers day.

Stood a golden calf in a wilderness
Beneath an Eastern sky
At whose feet a multitude
Did the living God decry.

An edifice most magnificent
Ornate with jewels, stood
But Solomon's glory turned to dust
As Fate ordained it should.

In an Inca City
Red carnage filled the sky
Lust for Gold bred treachery
A proud race had to die.

A stately galleon appeared
Riding a silver sea
But it fell as gold-mad pirates
Struck with fiendish glee!

Upon an icy gold-field
Men dug in haste by day
Searching for the glittering thing
At night they flung away.

Slowly upon the stage
The cavalcade passed by
A tale of Gold and ...Greed
Transposed on starlight sky
But as I watched in solitude
Awed by each changing scene
A flood of thoughts came rushing
As tho' to intervene

I saw the gold of a sunset
The wealth of a childish smile
The riches of a kindly act
A Friend on Life's Long Mile
Then came the gold of Sacrifice
On a hill where crosses stood
The Golden Light of Eternal Love
These Golden things were good.

Whakatane 1946

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