Dad wrote this tribute the day of his friend's passing.  As this poem reflects Dad had a tremendous love for this man. Many times he reflected on those dark days of the Depression and Dan was the one shining light. Dan is buried in the Ruru Lawn Cemetery in Linwood Avenue, opposite as chance would have it, my grandfather and grandmother.
B. R. W, July 2003

Daniel Giles Sullivan


Farewell Dan and a nations thanks

For a steady job well done

The ranks of Labour mourn the loss

Of a another stalwart son

From that far-off momentous day

When Avon chose you for her own


Nigh on three spent decades

To the borne of Time have flown;

Years of gallant service

Fighting for the Rights of Man

Of the People, for the People,

To all the People, Dan.

Christchurch will remember

A loveable untiring mayor

Who in Depression's darkest days

A heavy load did bear

Giving ever of his best

To ease the burden of the load

Of those whose weary backs

Poverty's grim horseman rode!

In the City of the Plains

Men will remember Dan

Helpers of the poor and friendless

A generous soul ...a genial man


At the post of Duty

When free people stood at bay

He spent himself unselfishly

To bring that final day

When Right o'er Might would triumph

And a world of men, set free;

Would build upon the ashes

A world-wide Democracy


For he has seen within his time

A people's dream come true

He helped to plan and build

A grand concept that grew;

Into a mighty structure

For all mankind to see;

Democracy ...a living thing

Freed from Fear and Poverty


Farewell, staunch comrade of the masses

Rest in Peace till that Great Day

When the trumpets sound `Reveille'

And all men see, the Break of Day.


Whakatane   April 9th  1947.

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