Bill Bloggs of Dublin Street

As I walked down the street
One of the great passed by
It sort of got me thinking
And somehow, brought a sigh
For life is really funny
People rise and others fall;
Some get all the highlights
The rest get none at all.

Now Mrs Peripimple
Of `Parkview Purple Pines',
Figures in the social notes
And gets a hundred lines.
Henry Howe of Hicklewick
Is courted for his views
But plain Bill Bloggs of Dublin Street
Never figures in the news!

Bill never breaks a record
Nor sets the Thames on fire,
He'll never be a leader
But he'll always be a trier;
He's got a sunny nature
To meet him is a treat
Always glad to shake your hand
Is Bloggs of Dublin Street.

He likes a glass of beer
Pays his way and does his best,
Has a 'little flutter' and enjoys
His football with the rest.
He reads about the `big'uns'
Even shares some of their views,
But plain Bill Bloggs of Dublin Street,
Never figures in the news.

Bill is just one of those folks
Numbered by a thousand score
Who do the simple jobs of peace
The grimmer tasks of war
Casting his vote in season
Pride of his right to choose,
Plain Bill Bloggs of Dublin Street
Never figures in the news!

Then when his story's finished
Friends stand beside the plot
A few short words are spoken
O'er a soon forgotten spot;
Unheralded he made his bow,
Unsung he went his way
But plain Bill Bloggs of Dublin Street
Has lived his little day;
But for his simple epitaph
These are the words I'd choose
`Here lies a mighty atom',
That never figured in the news!

Whakatane, 1947

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