Introduction to Lawful Injustice

When you protest in a vacuum, when you appeal to every avenue available except that to which you cannot afford, then frustration sets in. Do you accept the advice of your lawyer who has creamed off a stunning $114,000 and "put it behind you and move on", thus terminating his contract to fight your case, or do you strive to seek justice, where justice has failed.
This story MUST be told in order to bring to the public's notice the moral and muted corruption that passes for legal practice, A lawyer and a chief justice wrought this havoc on innocent people; protected by immunity from prosecution and the myth that because you are an officer of the law you are beyond reproach. This is not justice! This is a law drafted by lawyers for the protection of lawyers in all their forms; be they the Chief Justice or a humble clerk
The truth is set in concrete, were it not I would not be game enough to put names to those who transgressed the code of moral ethics. What makes this the more reprehensible is that the chief justice is a practicing Christian and a pillar of the Church of England. The solicitor is the product of an education, that men to whom he robbed fought a six year war in fighters to preserve the life style that he inherited, so that in old age he could repay that debt by denying him his last Will and thus removing the inheritance from his friend, keeper and 'adopted' son. Not only was over $600,000 seized, but the robbed beneficiary was billed for an additional $6,600, but when he refused to pay orders were given to seize his property.
When the 'fraternity' look after their own, when lawyers, barristers and judges are part of a system that is constantly flouting the senses and sensibilities of ordinary commonsense people it behoves those with fortitude to expose them. I make no apologies for naming names, no matter how pristine their image may appear. When there is no one to turn to, when the lawyers draft the laws that are designed to immune them from inspection and politician cum lawyers push them into law, then what chance do ordinary people stand. I am suggesting none. These people are not above the law, because whether they accept the premise or not, they are servants of the people, for the people by the people.


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