Chapter 24...the documents


There is an elitist view held by the legal fraternity that the average person is 'illiterate when it comes to understanding the law. Are they; or is it that law written by lawyers for lawyers and guided by ex-lawyers acting as politicians has become an accepted myth over straight out truth. As some of these documents will show fancy words-man-ship is employed to exacerbate a given situation that is self-justifying.

The bullets  below lead to letters that you may wish to acquaint yourself with. Anyone who has seen on television cases going to court will have noticed that often the amount of paperwork needs trolleys to move them. Each page to a lawyer is like a bank note. You don't have to have worked for Lehman Brothers  to understand that power and money breed corruption. I might add that proportionately there is probably little difference between global, corporate or small business in matters of law or finance.


bullet Letter to Barrister from Whiteside
bulletResponse from Barrister
bullet Letter from GP on Jowett's capacity
bulletSt. Vincent's Day Respite Centre Assessment
bulletDefinition of Aphasia
bulletBlueCare : Protecting their position
bulletBulletin Notices
bulletRecord of 10 Wills in 30 Months
bulletDeath Certificate
bullet Chief Justice Suit of Armour
bulletDr Chai Reports
bulletLabour's Attorney-General
bulletLiberal's Shadow
bulletCourier-Mail links this case with Hanson
bulletde Jersey's Judgement


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