Chapter Fourteen ...Protecting the Benefit
Written in the first person

I wandered over to be greeted by Prim. Prim unlike some of the younger domestics who were employed by Blue Care, was a little more down to earth. She was a no nonsense woman who made sure that her first concern was her charge Tom Jowett. After a few pleasantries she asked me was I aware that ACAT were calling that day.
"No, when did this development come about."
"I didn't think that you knew about it, Bruce', Prim said with a degree of understanding and doubtless privy to other conversations.

I was amazed that on the evening of going away that the woman who I had contacted me way back in July, who had not spoken to me since now opted to do so at the last possible moment. Monica Barrett I was told would be calling at 1.30pm that day to assess Tom. What precipitated this visit had been a visit to Dr Clark on the last day of November 1999. Tom unbeknown to me had been taken to the doctors in an agitated state by Carole Crozier What gave rise to Tom's distressed state was the conversation by her that she was moving to have him placed in a nursing home. This caused his distress which turned to agitation when she refused to call me over as Tom had requested. The trigger to have him assessed had caused his agitation , which she now underpinned by taking him to the doctor.

I was still unaware of this 'incident', that she had arranged on the strength of her training and assumed integrity to have Tom Jowett assessed. Barrett would not have been aware of the strained relationship between Crozier and myself, an observation that Prim had been quick to recognise. Knowing immediately what was going on I went home and drafted a letter, revised it and made it strictly confidential to the ACAT Assessor; Monica Barrett. It set in place my position as it affected everyone. 

It was the penultimate day before going to New Zealand, namely December 7th , 1999 and before I left I made it known to both Dr Clark and Monica Barrett that I has been legally made Tom Jowett's Enduring Power of Attorney . It had been my intention to make only Dr Clark aware of this, but the intervention of ACAT smacked at intrigue engineered by Carole Crozier to have Tom into a nursing home as soon as I was out of the country. Barrett herself would have been completely unaware of  being made an instrument in the manipulation to have Tom removed from the 'Whiteside sphere of influence', as she so cutely put it.

When I had written the letter addressed to Monica Barrett, I left it with Prue, with strict instructions that it was to be handed to no one else but the ACAT assessor. However an hour before she arrived Carole Crozier came on the scene and as a senior nurse instructed Prue to go for the day. This left Prue with the matter of the letter which she told Crozier about. Crozier then took delivery of it with an assurance that she would pass it on to Monica Barrett.

This had happened without my knowledge. At two o'clock I went over to see Barrett completely unaware that Crozier was there. Barrett said that she would speak with me before she left and would  call over and get me. I heard nothing and being a little concerned I went over to Tom only to find the senior care nurse of Blue Care embracing Mr Jowett. This was no friendly hug, but a determined attempt by this woman to force her self into the old pensioner's acceptance. Had I not stood there and witnessed this strange carrying on for a minute or so, it  would have possibly have seen  as no more than a parting hug. It was not. Caught red-handed Crozier immediately took her leave refusing to speak with me and was gone. Tom bewildered and a little distressed by the attention came to me and wanted to know what was happening?
Barrett was not the only one with this (intended) information. I advised Dr Clark of my concerns and anxiety for Tom whilst I would be away. So that he at least would act I left a note with him with all the relevant contact details in Christchurch and told him that if he wished to validate my claim to being Tom's Enduring Power of Attorney to contact Debra Canning at Phil Whitehead's office. The only reason that I did not have a copy at that time was that it was currently in the mail. Dr Clark then placed the letter in my patient file. Neither of us picked this up at the time but had it been placed in Tom Jowett's file, Crozier and Smyth would not have gained time that was needed to place their client in institutional care. This was the one thing that Tom Jowett would not succumb to and that was being placed in a nursing home.

On the eve of going to New Zealand I told Iris that I was seriously thinking of pulling out, because I honestly feared for Tom's well-being. Iris was none too impressed, but had I known that Carol Crozier was privy to the information that was intended for the Gold Coast Hospital ACAT representative, I would never have left the following morning. This sheer act of bastardry by a culpable representative of Blue Care acting in her own self-interest saw Mr Jowett incarcerated by provocation into a high security wing o the Gold Coast Hospital before the plane I was travelling on had touched down in New Zealand. With Tom now in hospital, his last Will that saw Carole Crozier a beneficiary to the extent of $20,000, was never likely to be changed.

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