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The Whiteside Coat of Arms was granted to Rev. JOHN WILLIAM WHITESIDE, Vicar of Scarborough, co, York, LL.D. of the Universities of Dublin and Cambridge, elder son of the late Rev. WILLIAM WHITESIDE, A. M., formerly a Scholar of Trinity College and Head Master of Rathmines Collegiate School in the County of Dublin, and grandson of WILLIAM WHITESIDE of Londonderry . The Right Hon. JAMES WHITESIDE, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland (1866-74), was brother of the grantee. A grant of Armorial design to him and his descendants and the other descendants of his aforesaid grandfather William Whiteside such Armorial Ensigns as he and they may lawfully use and bear. By the power to me given by Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent


Poems of William Richard Whiteside (1903-92)

William Richard Whiteside (1903-92) was arguably one of New Zealand's finest poets. Whilst some were published many years ago, the great bulk of them have never seen the light of day. Among them are poems that have drawn sterling praise from people such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Lord Bledisloe, and Winston Churchill. The original manuscripts are now housed on loan to the Alexandra Turnbull Library in Wellington, NZ


Yen for Australia

Heart of a Nation, died from lack of public support and doubtless lack of experience on my part to develop a national concept. In the late 1980's when foreign capital was purchasing Australian real estate at remarkable levels, the Gold Coast people responded to a call to attend a public meeting. That meeting was the largest meeting of its type ever held on the Coast. What should have sounded alarm bells was that it was initiated by an unknown ex-patriot Kiwi. Fifteen hundred packed the hall that night and sent shockwaves reverberating around the world. The Kiwi was ostracised, condemned and branded a racist. It seemed the relevancy of being  outspoken  on a subject deemed to be taboo, far outweighed the merits of the concern. Politicians cowered, the media slammed the messenger and the people shrugged their shoulders and watched as spectators. As the journalist from Asahi Shimbun commented 'In my country you would have been hailed a hero'. In Australia 'heroes' are all found on the back page of metropolitan newspapers.


Destiny Aborted

The story behind the Pauline Hanson Support Movement is a very personal one and in the years to come will no doubt fill in the questions asked by historians. It is also a tribute to those whose interest in the welfare and survival of Pauline Hanson went beyond the mercenary pursuits of ambition and greed. The Movement hi-jacked was blatantly seized to create One Nation.

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Incredibly, the launch of the party (One Nation) was funded by the money held in

 a bank account of Bruce Whiteside’s Pauline Hanson Support Movement, on the

 Gold Coast. John Clodd a member of the committee at the time was instrumental

 in the organisation of the launch and says that $5000 was withdrawn from the

 PHSM on the Gold Coast to fund it.

A political party had been formed ...and the man who was pivotal to its formation

 had been evicted and was soon to be branded ‘white ant’. “`

Inside One Nation, Scott Balson

The Myth of Hanson's One Nation


The Coming Death of Pauline Hanson's One Nation


Lawful Injustice

         the Queensland Justice system. What Justice? 

A personal account.


You Be The Judge

by Norman J Barrington

A decision of a Chief Justice of Queensland put under the microscope with the skill of a brain surgeon.

An independent judgement.


Whiteside's of Oceania

The family genealogical history


The Moving Finger writes: and having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

                                                         Omar Khayyam, Persian poet 1075

In the following pages and links you will come to understand the thought processes of Bruce Whiteside who in the late 1980's and mid nineties challenged the government of the day, the Hawke Labor Government on its policy of selling Australia to foreign interests which flowed through to his support of maverick politician Pauline Hanson.

Whilst Bruce raised issues that politicians were too timid to tackle, whilst he hoisted the standard in support of maverick Pauline Hanson, he is the first to acknowledge that his inspiration to challenge the established order of protocol was derived from his father's written word.

This website commences with Eureka, which contains all the poetic work of William 'Bill' Whiteside. Reading the many poems will give an insight as to why Bruce his oldest son would not be silenced on issues of national concern. Perhaps readers to this site might read the poem Apathy ...first.


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