Finale ...

It was my intention to write a finale to this Hanson saga. After seventeen years of watching the erratic path that Pauline Hanson has trodden and the amount of people who were used and cast aside as the stepping stones on her ill fated attempt to regain what she once briefly held ...the respect of a million voters ...and the resultant eight times rejection I have decided to put this most ungracious person under the microscope of one who knew her more intimately than most. 

I have no doubt that had Pauline Hanson lived up to the mantra of her preachings about loyalty, integrity and honesty that were, according to her inculcated into her psyche by her parents then those thousands who formed the Pauline Hanson Support Movement, would have carried her to a place that would have earned her a respected place in Australian political history.

Seduced into the realms of opportunistic political carpetbaggers, Hanson traded those qualities taught her by her parents for a grubbiness that flowered for all to see.



Inside One Nation, by Scott Balson

...and this;

Untamed and Unashamed, by Pauline Hanson

No respectable married man would contemplate what M/s Hanson claims here. I never needed Hanson's involvement to build the movement in the first place, but they illegally seized the movement; it was theft!  Hanson was never inducted into or involved with the PHSM. It will be noted that Hanson claims that the launch of the One Nation party was agreed without my involvement. What she does not state is that she had promised Barbara Hazelton and Paul Trewartha senate endorsement for their clandestine co-operation. She got it ...but those relationships, like so many others went 'belly up'.

Hanson claims that our friendship faltered on the premise of 'my refusal' to attend the launch of One Nation. There never was rapport. I only met Hanson twice, once in my home and once when she met clandestinely with my wife that went perilously close to destroying our marriage.

As the recipient of what Hanson has written above I say without equivocation that she used people and lied to enhance the image that she was the genuine article. She may well have believed the myth of her own importance but in the end the issues of loyalty, integrity and honestly failed her.

There was a time when she was respected and that was when people like myself were prepared to help her ...but we paid a price the end, all of us.



The End