Destiny Aborted

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The story of the

The Pauline Hanson Support Movement


One Nation was built  on the back of the people’s

movement. This is the true story of how that came about and

the treachery that accompanied the seizure of the Pauline Hanson Support Movement


"The fact that the Oldfield's, Ettridge's and Hanson's had to steal his PHSM from him to establish the One Nation party (something they could not do without the PHSM membership) reflects one simple truth. Bruce Whiteside had a better brain than the three of them combined but while he had integrity - they did not."

 Scott Balson Original One Nation Webmaster.


Pauline at the authors desk November 1996

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Written by the founder of the PHSM



Unlike those who rushed into print to capitalise on the Hanson phenomenon, the founder makes this book free. There is more to life than exploiting others for personal gain; there is truth ... and  nearly always it becomes the first casualty in the pursuit of self interest.


Some of the material in this book is speculative. It should not be taken as fact until and if proven. In creating the Support Movement I had access to people and events that I would not have had otherwise. I saw the dirty side of politics and what it does to people. I have tried to 'interest' journalists for nearly seven years.  Some, not all view me as a conspiratorial theorist. I have used inside knowledge and a little bit of lateral thinking to arrive at certain conclusions, but you as the reader must read them as an opinion only.

None of this material can be copied transmitted or used without the written authority of Bruce R Whiteside.