Originally named Destiny Aborted the title now goes under the Pauline Hanson Support Movement Saga

This story was originally written in 1997 and with one or two minor updates in 2003; it was reviewed in 2011.

The reason for the review is twofold. The period of the rise and fall of Pauline Hanson presented an aberration in the  history of Australian politics that historians of the future will study. For the most part much of it is centred on the the people who created One Nation. Much of the reporting of the day was hostile and based on sensational factors. In time the Hanson Comet left a trail across the political theatre and in time faded. In the process people participated and many were left destroyed and sadly disillusioned  in the wake.

In 2011 One Nation re-applied for re-registration in Queensland. I had it in  mind to oppose that but after consulting with the Electoral Commission in Queensland decided that those who were still actively involved deserved a chance. I was also assured that Ettridge, Oldfield and Hanson had moved out, although the latter still maintained an interest and was being 'kept in the picture'.

I then looked up the National Website of One Nation, to see an in-depth refurbished policy, much the work of the late Colin Law. Whilst this gave me a sense of having made the right decision to not oppose the re-registration, I was immediately disillusioned to note that in enticing new membership that they also included work by David Ettridge.

I  sought to speak to a Queensland One Nation executive, but sadly he made promises that have not been realised. I am well aware that many drew conclusions based on hearsay that I contributed to the downfall of One Nation...yet I know of no one who has ever bothered to read this account. They sit in judgement. There were many within the PHSM who were hurt, left disillusioned and ultimately betrayed ...and lest they be forgotten this is as much their story as it is the Support Movements.

As a result of this I have now I have been requested to submit this work to the National Library of Australia, for archival purposes.


Bruce R Whiteside


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Chapter 13...the ends justifies the means

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Chapter 16...another stalwart dies on the vine

Chapter 17...death by asphyxiation

Chapter 18...twelve hundred and fifty dollar demolition

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