Chapter 30 ... Balson and Whiteside

Scott Balson covers our meeting that fateful day in his book Inside One Nation. Recently Scott read my account of events and sent me this e-mail. It is not only an interesting observation but one that in retrospect I would not be prepared to argue against. As I saw it at the time it was Sharples who used my assistance and information to build a case against One Nation. So gracious was he that after I had told Hedley Thomas who wrote the article that he (Sharples) was a user  he threatened to sue us both. The charm of Sharples differed little from that of Hanson, Oldfield or Ettridge.

This is the e-mail:

Hi Bruce

Before we met at that coffee shop in Brisbane in October 1999 I accepted that One Nation had been established legitimately.

After that meeting you provided me with evidence so I:

1) informed the QLD State One Nation MPs of what had gone on; and

2) Started disclosing what had gone on in my online newspaper

The archive of what happened is at:

At this time I had an email mailing list of 10,000 members across Australia and I used this with great effect...

Alerting them to the articles covered at:

Within weeks One Nation imploded and Ettridge had threatened to sue me for defamation unless I apologised. I never did and continued with the articles.

The party did not implode because of the deregistration it imploded because of the impact that our meeting had back in October.

The power of the Internet.

Kind regards

Scott Balson


 Scott was to put it mildly absolutely gutted. He acted as not only a man betrayed but  devastated . I think he was shattered because he if he had had concerns, what he saw now left him convinced but not wanting to accept what he was seeing.  We did not discuss a great deal, and I left not fully realising the impact that our meeting had generated. 

I was very unhappy the following day when I saw his website for the first time. On the strength of what he had learnt he wrote a critical analysis of David Oldfield. Candidly I thought he was if anything charitable, but what angered me was the fact that he should have allowed others to write along similar lines thus allowing himself free to continue as the Editor of News of the Day (@notd). The attack brought into play the paranoiac mindset of two very upset individuals in Ettridge, Oldfield as well as the compliant puppet Pauline Hanson. As far as I was concerned Scott Balson's strength lay in the fact that he could have used the even handedness of his reporting to drive a wedge between Hanson and her two limpet mines. The only reason that I felt justified his outburst was the sense of betrayal. Betrayal by these three however was something that gathered pace thereafter.

What is important about this e-mail is that it provides important links that reveals much that is unknown about One Nation. Scott was disappointed that I was never able to publish my book. So too was I, but I was simply not in a financial position to do so. What I can say is that Scott' played a vital part in the saga of One Nation, just as I did in the saga of the Support Movement. It is a matter of deprivation of the truth from the people of Australia that covered up the arses of politicians who dabbled in corrupt practices, who were aided and abetted by a Queensland Court of Appeal  who overturned the decision of Justice Roslyn Atkinson, the only one who came within striking distance of the truth. A Royal Commission I have always advocated would never be allowed to see the light of day. This is a pity because in the present climate of questionable leaders there are still others waiting in the wings. They are not what they seem but what the media paints them.

In the world today we have people like Julian Assange who look under the cloak of respectability and see what people like Scott and I have seen. In the world today the powerful, aided and abetted by the corruptible promote one message   ...shoot the messenger!

As David Oldfield said 'You are never going to be allowed to stay in the movement. You stand in the way of our agenda. We are going to destroy you.'

...and that is the sort of political society that we live in. If you don't believe me just look to the Light on the Hill. It is no longer fuelled by noble ideals but thrives on chicanery and moral corruption. The tragedy is that it is seen as normal behaviour when in fact it is the poison of a nation's decline.