Chapter 27 ...postscript 2011


In the middle of 2011 an advertisement run in the Courier-Mail by  the Electoral Commission of Queensland (EQC) called for submissions on the re-registration of One Nation. I was somewhat surprised as I had long come to the conclusion that they were a spent force. It appears as though their membership had dwindled yet there remained a hard core of men who kept the flame flickering.

A growing disenchantment with the Rudd leadership of the  Labor Government  saw  a coup by the faceless  men of the party factions  elect Gillard as leader just prior to the e 2010 election. The angry electorate delivered a blood bath that saw Labour decimated. The Greens benefited by this massive swing  which along with a pool of three Independents  left both Labor and Liberal at the mercy of  a handful of individuals. This resulted in a fortnight of horse trading that finally left one solitary individual Rob Oakeschott with the fate of the future of Australia in his hands. He seized the moment and in a filibustering address that laboured on for 17 agonising minutes he eventually threw his lot behind Labour and a Gillard led Government.  That Government has lurched from crisis to crisis and has fired the aspirations of political groups around the country; not the least among them One Nation.

In the years since its halcyon days the party has seen Hanson, Ettridge and Oldfield dessert the collapsing ship. The stalwarts hung on to the skeletal remains and put in place a comprehensive policy.  The architect of much of this monumental policy was the late Colin Law of Queensland.

I commend any to all voters to take the time and view it on the internet.

As a result of the ECQ advertisement I made inquiries as to the requirements to oppose the re-registration. The reason was simple. Not withstanding the decision of the Court of Appeal to release Hanson and Ettridge from gaol I say that One Nation was fraudulently created. Justice Atkinson was correct, Patsy Wolfe was correct but the decision by the Chief Justice Paul de Jersey was morally wrong. His decision was based on aspects of technicalities of law but had no basis in justice. He as well as Atkinson and Wolfe were never given the true story.

I was assured by the ECQ that the people that I had great problems with who fashioned and carried out the fraud were no longer involved. This assurance allowed me to take into account the work of those who were now trying to rebuild. It was only after some soul searching and appreciation of this sort of dedication and ongoing faith to keep the dream alive that I decided to not oppose re-registration.

There the matter may have rested.  

As fate often does I accidentally came across the One Nation site late one night early in August 2011. I read with interest the new extensive policy and momentarily applauded my decision not to oppose re-registration.  A few moments later I came across the National One Nation Website and here in spite of its new found life highlighted and presented for new members to see the book written and published by none other than David Ettridge.

If this was the way forth of this newly invigorated One Nation then I for one do not intend to sit back and allow it to entice members to a party built on a lie. I had seen it once I am not now prepared to see it happen again.

In 1997 after I was deposed as the founder of the Pauline Hanson Support Movement at the instigation of David Ettridge with the able assistance of my vice president Paul Trewartha, I sat down and wrote a book entitled Destiny Aborted  Ö the destiny aborted was that of Pauline Hanson.

Helen Dodds, John Pasquarelli, David Ettridge and Pauline Hanson all wrote books and published them. I could not afford to. I did however include the story among my fatherís poems and other books and placed them on my own website. The book Destiny Aborted I have reason to believe has never been read. 

Because of this I had Willed all of my retained records to the Queensland University so that historians will at least have access to them.  I have also been advised to have them included in the National Library archives.

However having long ago reconciled myself to leaving the matter there I decided to re-read my book, correct one or two minor errors, collate all the documentation and have some of it made available under a new title, the Pauline Hanson Support Movement Saga.  The time has come to tell the untold story and to provide answers. Unlike the other authors I make this electronic version free.


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