Chapter 25 ...selective justice


Since Pauline Hanson has retired from the political scene she has moved on as publicly as ever. Dancing with the Stars, appearing on several television shows she has shown to the world that at least she is prepared to 'have a go'. One must now recognise that she did not need the dynamic self-acclaimed skills of a David Oldfield to get to where she was going. In fact one must ask 'whatever did happen to the super-kid who knew all the answers and faded into oblivion?' Oldfield knew exactly what he was doing in creating the abomination along with his cohort the smooth Mr Ettridge for it provided the catalyst where he could ride into a parliamentary  position (any would do) where his future would be cushioned with an eventual soft landing in the form of a parliamentary pension.

Not so for Pauline Hanson. She perceived as wrongly jailed for fraud perpetrated by others was unceremoniously released from prison with no compensation or redress to justice. As Pauline would know, just as I do …justice in Queensland is operated as it is by less than honest lawyers, dubious judges and a gun-ho reign of Premiers.

Magistrate Di Fingleton was one who also ran the gauntlet of incompetent lawyers, incompetent judges and sitting in the wings cogitating over the mistake that he believed had not been picked up by the magnificent practitioners of Queensland's law, a queasy Chief Justice who was too  reticent to speak out. Once the High Court handed down its decision on Fingleton it was a case of "I knew it all along".  Later in Lawful Injustice I will expand on this sham they call  justice.

Fingleton having more political clout was 'begrudgingly' handed $450,000 for her incarceration and dignity suffered. Hanson on the other hand just a fish and chip girl from working class Ipswich weaselled out of her potential political clout by the established order of the career orientated politicians, the high order of investment barons aided and abetted by the pariahs of the fourth estate ...was simply  trashed. No justice here, just a haven for class based discrimination. Don't believe me? When Hanson wanted to turn the illegal boat people around it was racism worthy of a Nazi regime. 'Heil Hanson' was the cry. Today Howard, Downer Ruddick and the larger than life Teflon-coated Vanstone make Hanson appear an angel by comparison. The hardest thing to stomach in all this is the blatant 'political spin' that crucifies the courageous and eulogises the spineless.

That Hanson was thrown on the pyre of extermination was one thing, but the total disregard and manipulated corrupt system that saw a million voters disenfranchised shows the same contempt for battlers that saw England cast her felons to the vast wasteland of New Holland and in particular Botany Bay in 1788. It was those people, not the elite, not the leaders, but the oft brutalised battlers from the dregs of society who built a nation. Nothing has changed; the parasites, the bleeders and the elite believe they have the God given right to rule. History tells us of the Romanoff's, the Mussolini's and the Saddam's, harboured the same ideas.

Pauline Hanson had her hereditary roots in the calibre and courage of the great bulk of those who came to these shores and built a future for those to follow. They were the forgotten mass, but their masters ...the tyrannical overlords who governed over human misery, authorised floggings, hangings and practiced duplicity gave their names to prominent villages of the early days as lasting memorials to 'their contributions.'   Sydney, Hunter, Macquarie, Brisbane, Port Arthur  to name a few. And would the people of Logan want a city named the man who was found buried head first with his savaged feet protruding above the ground. Payback for debts incurred as administrator on Moreton Island

 The madness of politicians who encouraged and fostered political correctness, needed a Hanson to bring back some semblance of sanity and common-sense. Sadly the  established order deemed otherwise and the assassination of Pauline Hanson, or more correctly  the assassination of the concept of a politician of the people, by the people and for the people will forever be an opportunity lost


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