Chapter 21 ...for the record

Destiny Aborted was originally written to become an historical account of how the PHSM evolved and how it came to be hi-jacked to form a political party. An uncompleted version was available briefly for viewing on the internet.

When Scott Balson opted to write a history of One Nation Inside One Nation he approached me to seek permission to uplift some of the passages of that account. It was my view that without the PHSM there would have been no One Nation. If the story and indeed the accurate history was going to be recorded at all then as the two people most intimately involved with both operations it should be they who would record it. (see Balson and Whiteside in Contents)
 My own account is a very personal one. Scott’s account is from the perspective of a friendly journalist and there were few of those. In fact had it not been for his Australian News of the Day gwb@notd the overall picture would have been horribly distorted. His involvement was detached therefore without the emotion that I felt. In a sense the only other person who felt the passion, trauma and heart-break that I went through would possibly have been Pauline Hanson herself, although for much different reasons. It must be remembered that many, many people got a free ride at Pauline Hanson's expense. Today many have turned on her and deserted her. I know that feeling only too well and in that sense my genuine  sympathies go out to her, even though my respect for her is greatly diminished.
 A million people voted for Pauline Hanson, NOT One Nation. As I close on this story I have great misgivings in seeing it published at all. Why?
 I have been highly critical of Hanson, I have also been her most ardent advocate. As I write there are forces within her own ranks marshalling to have her thrown out of One Nation. I deplore this action. I hold to the view that the rallying point for the Hanson inspired One Nation is Hanson herself. Without her One Nation is nothing more than a collection of non-de-scripts.
 Pauline Hanson should publicly denounce One Nation and go back to her grass-roots, the ordinary battlers to whom she endeared herself.
 Two old men since the day of her maiden speech have harboured a vision. They wanted to see Pauline Hanson as a political force in this country that would break the two party strangle-hold. Hanson held that key. Those two old men built two PHSM’s, one in Queensland, one in South Australia. Those two old men were still asking Pauline to listen as this account was written…she does not hear!


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