Chapter 19...the last hurrah

 What has gone before these pages was written at or about the time the events occurred. It is now June 2003;(Oct 23 2005 as this is reviewed and edited) time and history have moved on. The world has become a much more violent place as a result of politicians. Whatever you may of may not believe about the catastrophe that beset New York on that fateful day in September 2001, many believe that it was the direct result of American foreign policy. Militarily it was a spectacular success; bizarre, hideous no doubt but the sheer chagrin of having the enemy take out such a massive target employing both home weaponry utilising home resources and using iconic American names to ram the message home was brilliant. That is not easy to say, as I also lost a relatives in that act of terror, but the feeling that irked me the most was the American attitude that this act was absolute sacrilege. Nobody had the right to do this to 'our' country, but we, the great American nation could do so to others with impunity!
Whatever the gripe of the Nation of Islam, one senses that they acted where others have simply buckled under the yoke of military might.
This action triggered the lust for retaliation, proving nothing. It created an excuse for war and Iraq became 'ground zero'. Once again the politicians moved the chess pieces and the compliant forged the Coalition of the Willing. We played dangerous games and this resulted in slaughter of innocents holidaying in friendly Bali. Stoic defence of blunders by Howard and Downer do nothing to quell the anger brought about by little men who would strut the world stage mimicking statesmanship.
We've had the spectre of 'children overboard' to justify actions of political expediency. The lying, the deception and the sheer disrespect of a government for the intelligence of its people says volumes about those who govern us. This is compounded when you realise that in recent times we have gone to war on evidence that is either suspect in its integrity and/or fabricated to facilitate  that end.

And the woman who might have been one of those politicians; what of her?
Her star has continued to descend and as it fades she continues to tilt again at what might have been. A crack at the Senate here, a bid for an Upper House there ...all to no avail!
The wheel has all but travelled full circle from the halcyon days of Oxley to the tragic final rejection of Sylvania Waters. The fallen prima Donna trudges a lonely path. Gone are the adoring voters replaced by a lone sympathiser with words of comfort. How fickle the public can be.
All that remains is the judgement of the Courts to decide on matters of alleged misappropriation on her part and the charges of fraud against Ettridge and Hanson as One Nation. Even this show is farcical, for it is strangely stripped of some of the key players. We live in a world of smoke and mirrors, oiled by the flow of money; ...big money.
Recently I was interviewed by the ABC on my attitude to Pauline Hanson 'deserting Queensland for NSW. I told them I simply didn't care any more. She is no longer relevant. Instead I focussed on those who helped bring her down expressing my belief that both should be dealt severely by the Courts.
The Courts, ah yes, the Courts.I'll leave the readers of this account of what happened and those who were intimately involved, with this poser.

One Nation was founded on the hi-jacking of the Pauline Hanson Support Movement. Putting aside all the dirty politics, the back-stabbing and the trading of friends for political favours, one thing remains absolutely paramount ...the seconding of the membership role to use as a building block to create a political party. The movement was created as a support mechanism, its supporters may just as well have been members of a tennis club. You do not present members of a tennis club as bona fides for a political party. I created the movement, I sent (against my better judgement) that membership to David Ettridge. Four days later Ettridge, Oldfield and Hanson forged the document that established One Nation. At that time there was no members, there was no party. That document was signed by all three and to my knowledge it is the only piece of One Nation property that links Oldfield to its origins.
Given that I played the pivotal role, don't the readers of this narrative consider it extraordinary that after two court cases have come and gone, a decision has been handed down that incriminates Hanson and Ettridge, but leaves parliamentarian Oldfield unmarked, and the most potent of witnesses was never called? They cannot claim ignorance because both the defence and prosecution have received comprehensive accounts from me. Hanson's lawyer Chris Nyst chooses to ignore all correspondence, whilst the police have dismissed my information as having little bearing on procedures.
Given that Paul Trewartha told the Courts that he was the convenor, then I consider that he mislead by intimating that he had all the facts at his finger-tips. He knew very little and at no time did he initiate or promote the Movement. In the scheme of things Trewartha arrived after everything else had been put in place.
I can only assume that given the connections and information that Sharples divulged regarding the PHSM, the idea of having myself as a material witness would have seriously questioned the integrity of the Howard Government in this matter.
What happens to Hanson? I really don't care.
Do I think she is guilty of the things that she faces? I don't really know. My guess is that she probably is. I do not believe for a moment that she deliberately set out to cheat the system; she isn't smart enough to pull it off. What I do believe is that she was the willing partner in the schemes of confidence men who exploited her weakness, exposed as she was to lucrative amounts of cash and kind. I have no doubt that she never viewed seriously the possibility that one day they might be brought to account. It must be understood that what the Courts are interested in is money and the means used to create that cash flow, but we, those who were at the coal-face of this business witnessed many other facets of deceit, deception and sheer acts of bastardry.
I have to say that Hanson spite of the way she treated me, my wife and all those other souls ...that she was in all likelihood as much a victim of Ettridge and Oldfield, as the rest of us. Certainly she did herself no favours but no amount of coercion, logic, or plain commonsense would dislodge her from her intractable position. Whether this was plain bloody-mindedness or that she was locked into an impossible situation, only she would know.
Needless to say she must now face the music. She will find that she not only has the battery of lawyers and barristers to contend with but two 'loyal and devoted lieutenants' who will feed her to the wolves to save their own necks.
My judgement would be simple. Pity Hanson and jail the rest.


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