A new dawn


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At last a leader emerges.

The time has come to throw out the old and bring in fresh blood.


One Nation needs an infusion of new blood and here is the man to lead it.


For 21 years I have not supported One Nation, although my membership gave it birth.

Now I am willing to support this man and his vision.

Let substance now replace the noise.


For starters watch these.






Note: The above extracts are from One Nation's Hanson's facebook page. I have never met Steve Dickson or had any association with the man. I have with Pauline Hanson. For 21 years in spite of her and her conmen misappropriating the membership that I and not her people created, she has prevented me from writing on her Facebook page and ignored my many attempts to  contact her, an admission that she makes in this email. *


Steve Dickson presents as a man of his word, projects an authority of purpose and articulates as one of the better speakers in any political party on the horizon.  At a time when the integrity of all party's are held in contempt, when the ducking and weaving  at a time when the country is declining from a once proud AUSTRALIA to that that is being served by lawyers, bankers and failed business people'  ...is now morphing into a new name AFAILURE  . 


One Nation given real leadership offers the best opportunity of turning the boat around. Leave the icon in place, but hand the reins over to a leader in Steve Dickson.


PS: My apologies Mr Dickson if this embarrasses you but it takes guts to spell out the truth. 



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